Bizav Monitoring Aircraft Emissions Debate at ICAO

 - February 14, 2013, 4:10 PM

NBAA and the General Aviation Manufacturers Association (GAMA) are closely watching developments at the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) in Montreal involving the European Union Emissions Trading Scheme (EU-ETS). On Tuesday, GAMA president and CEO Pete Bunce said at the organization’s yearly press briefing that both associations are also working closely with the International Business Aviation Council on this matter.

In November, the European Commission agreed to suspend the application of the carbon tax for international flights to and from European airports on the condition that the 2013 ICAO Assembly agrees to a global alternative to ETS at its meetings in September and October. But if an agreement is not reached then, the EU plans to re-impose ETS for international operations.

“If we don’t have some type of resolution on a global basis,” Bunce said, “the question becomes, ‘What do the Europeans do next?’” He added that–with last year’s passage of an anti-EU-ETS bill that prohibits U.S. aircraft operators from participating in the EU-ETS–the U.S. government sent a clear message.

Progress on the climate talks appears to be “mixed,” Bunce said, adding that NBAA president and CEO Ed Bolen is “very concerned about this, and we are too, because right now the system that is set up for ETS disenfranchises business aviation tremendously. We have to get this fixed.”


They do absolutely nothing for global warming, if it, in fact exists. Carbon Credits do a lot for the bean counters in the front office. Rather than spending money to reduce emissions they will pay someone else for a permit to violate emissions standards.

The next beneficiary of Carbon Credits is the market where they are traded.

Carbon Credits are total nonsense. Most of the emission standards are also nonsense driven by hysterical thinkers who have found a way to make change, whether change is needed or not.

The latest science is the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean volcanic rifts emit over
100 times, could be over 1000 times the heat additions of all of humanity
on the planet. So the carbon credit plan is worse than a serious fraud.
Anyone who implements such a fraud should go to jail for it.

Will this highly false carbon plan stop? Only if a group of prosecutors
bring the facts forward. Hope, hope, hope springs eternal. It is looking
like the world court is going to be busy refuting this incredible foolishness.
Carbon credits should go the way of spontaneous generation,
or/ and other absolutely absurd notions.

It only took around 100 years to look under a microscope and see micro organisms turn into macro organisms disproving spontaneous life generation
thinking of the 18th and 19th centuries.

We are ahead of the game here. It has only been 20 to 40 years since the speculators have been blaming humanity for global warming. We can
shoot this one in the butt tomorrow. Which prosecutor or prosecutors
will do it?

It's become obvious to just about everyone that carbon credits are a scam.

That said, how many of us have been at the airport, flogging a humble 172 in the pattern, only to see a G550 or Falcon 7X touch down, taxi to the jet center, and disembark two or three passengers to a lineup of full size SUVs?

It's pretty clear that business aviation is an ostentatiously energy intensive activity; carbon credits are simply another response to that reality.

Just because something furthers capitalism in some way or another, doesn't mean it should be necessarily immune from regulation.

So you said carbon credits are a scam. I take this to mean there is no harm to the environment by biz jets or anything else humanity does. Natural pollution sources are the problem by at least 100 to 1; maybe as much as 1000 to 1. This means to me we agree humanity is out of the pollution picture; except perhaps to stop any real outrageous problems like the BP gulf oil spill. If we are in fact in agreement and you want to be a lawful U.S. citizen, you will respect these biz jets owners bill of rights to spend their money any way they please. Or is my assumption that the U.S. Bill of Rights do not apply to you false, or you do not respect them?

If so, please say so. I will then know if we have even a starting point for any further discussions. The U.S. Bill of Rights is the starting point for practically
all clear thinking Americans. The American government nearly routinely violates the Bill of Rights in one subtle form or another these days; and has made themselves one hell of nuisance for it. Or forcing a downsizing of government in a big way to allow the economy to grow again and some kind of regrowth of the
middle class has become imperative. Helping people see the big picture is critical. Are we on the same page?

The europeans should start to blame the neighbors,like starting from Rusia ,then should continue with the thousand of merchant and cargo ships,and final should not start to blame our comercial aviation . the ammount of planes arriving in Europe from different parts of the world are 65% from american companies and there is where the money should flow to the E U .Fresh needed money to support another ficticion program ,when in reality they should thank us for bringing bussines to them .

Carbon credits are a scam. The EU has created the ETS to accomplish what? The only thing that can reduece emissions is the continual development of more efficient engines and airframes or just stop flying or using any combustion engine for that matter. Charging an operator a fee for something that does absolutely nothing but line the pockets of greedy politicians is wrong. Hopefully the EU will wake up or have the same thing imposed upon them and their operators by other countries. Everyone needs to quit being so politically correct and call the EU what it is. A bunch of thieving crooks.

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