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Avincis Takes First S-92 of a 19-ship Fleet

 - March 5, 2013, 6:30 PM

Avincis Group has taken delivery of the first of its record order of 16 new Sikorsky S-92s. The order, placed in December 2011, is the largest single purchase of S-92s ever made, according to the UK-based operator. The Avincis fleet is expected to provide offshore oil and gas worker transportation and serve in a search-and-rescue role.

Avincis provides central resources, global standards and systems and expertise to its 13 local operating companies. Scheduled for delivery over the next three years, the S-92s will form part of the Avincis global fleet of around 350 rotary- and 50 fixed-wing aircraft operating out of 295 bases in 10 countries.

In 2011, the group transported more than 180,000 people across the North Sea, conducted more than 3,900 search-and-rescue missions over ocean and mountain areas and some 36,000 air ambulance missions, rescued more than 7,000 individuals from life-threatening situations and flew more than 8,800 firefighting missions.

The first Avincis S-92 was accepted last month by Bjorn Seljevold, managing director of Norsk Helikopterservice (NHS). The first two S-92s will be registered in Norway before being flown to Aberdeen, Scotland, where an NHS crew will operate them for Bond Offshore Helicopter customers in the UK North Sea sector.

Avincis is working with Milestone Aviation Group, which is financing the first four S-92s. All 16 S-92s will carry equipment and systems necessary for and required by EASA for operations in the North Sea environment. These include five flotation devices, two auto-deployable life rafts, satellite flight-following communications and main rotor blade ice protection system.