Duncan Dedicates Lincoln Team to Gulfstream Work

 - March 20, 2013, 2:30 PM
Duncan Aviation is assembling a dedicated Gulfstream team at its Lincoln facility.

Duncan Aviation Lincoln has always had a Gulfstream presence, but the unveiling of the 45,000-sq-ft paint facility last May and construction of two 40,000-sq-ft maintenance hangars scheduled to be in service in Lincoln next year have paved the way for team members to offer both paint and maintenance to Gulfstream operators.

Brad Kluthe, Gulfstream team leader, told AIN, “We’ve worked on Gulfstreams in Lincoln for some time, but only Battle Creek has had a dedicated team. With the new paint facility it simply makes sense to offer maintenance to customers whose aircraft are in the paint shop.”

Kluthe brings more than two decades of Gulfstream experience in Battle Creek to the Lincoln facility. He is currently recruiting and training his Gulfstream team, which consists of 15 members and 30 support mechanics who work on other teams but whose secondary specialty is Gulfstreams.