Raisbeck Completes King Air Swept-blade ‘Turbofan Prop’

 - March 27, 2013, 1:20 PM
Raisbeck/Hartzell swept-blade propellers entered service this month on a King Air B200.

Raisbeck/Hartzell swept-blade “turbofan propellers” entered service this month on a King Air B200. This aircraft is also the first installation of the Epic Platinum Performance Package with the new swept-blade props.

According to a Raisbeck spokeswoman, the aircraft was outfitted with Raisbeck Power Props last summer, but the look and performance of the new swept-blade props convinced the owner and pilot to upgrade. The Epic Platinum Package contains dual aft-body strakes, enhanced-performance leading edges, wing lockers, ram-air recovery system, high-float gear doors (if equipped) and the swept-blade propellers.

Landmark Aviation of Norfolk, Va., performed the installation.

According to the company, a newer King Air 200 with the package can cruise at Mach 0.52 at 28,000 feet. Takeoff performance is also significantly enhanced, complete with FAR Part 25 balanced field lengths, providing increased safety margins and climb performance. The Raisbeck swept blade propellers are the result of a joint development effort with Hartzell Propeller; applications for more King Air models and other turboprop-powered aircraft are currently under study and development at Raisbeck Engineering in Seattle.