Turbomeca Runs Tech 800 Core Demonstrator

 - May 9, 2013, 3:35 PM

The Tech 800 core engine demonstrator made its first run last month at Turbomeca’s Bordes, France headquarters, the company announced last week. A high-pressure spool for the 1,100-shp engine class, the Tech 800 is a precursor to the engine manufacturer’s TM800 Arrano. The Arrano turboshaft will power the Eurocopter X4 medium twin, a Dauphin successor planned for 2017.

Key Tech 800 technologies are related to “the compressor architecture and performance, the low-emission combustor enabling lower emissions, the turbine operating at a very elevated temperature and a high-efficiency power turbine.” As a result, Turbomeca expects a double-digit improvement in fuel burn, compared with typical efficiency in the year 2000, and quieter operation. Weight should be reduced, too, thanks to the use of composites and titanium aluminide. The control system will use new fuel pumps and electric actuators.

The Tech 800 demonstrator is part of the Clean Sky “joint technology initiative” at the European level. It involves 18 small and medium businesses, as well as 12 universities and laboratories.