EBACE Convention News

Acquisition Advisory Service Launched

 - May 23, 2013, 1:00 PM

Created in 2012 by industry veterans Cass Anderson and Jeff Habib, Intercontinental Aircraft Group (IAG) is a New York City-based consultancy service that provides third-party advice for business jet acquisitions and operations. IAG can provide aircraft needs assessment, mission-profile analysis, financial comparison and optimization, aircraft technical comparison, market analysis, aircraft valuation and contract negotiation. The company has developed a proprietary methodology based on the use of Monte Carlo risk modeling to optimize purchasing decisions, aircraft selection, fleet planning and asset management.

Such services have become increasingly important in recent times. “Given the state of the business jet market since the financial troubles of 2008, buyers today are more sensitive than ever to downside risk from their aviation investments,” reported IAG co-founder Habib. “Principals and flight departments alike are tired of shocks and surprises. They want to understand all the possible outcomes and scenarios up front.”

IAG has recently successfully concluded the acquisition of a Gulfstream G450 and has implemented a risk-adjusted fleet management program for a Fortune 500 company. It has also assisted in the selection of an aircraft management company for a Gulfstream G550. Later this year IAG plans to add an aircraft brokerage component to its portfolio of services.