Dassault Falcon Embarks on Spares Pricing Overhaul

 - May 29, 2013, 10:55 AM

Dassault Falcon is in the process of reducing the price on more than 18,500 parts. According to the OEM, this campaign complements price reductions on more than 14,000 parts last year. A spokesman for the company said that until recently the focus has been on ensuring the ready availability and timely shipment of parts.

But with stocks of Falcon spares at an all-time high and AOG dispatch time down to less than 60 minutes, much of the focus now has shifted to pricing, according to the company, with the aim of reducing or realigning the prices of some items that customers may still perceive to be too high.

“As much as we’ve reduced prices, the perception is still that in some instances they remain too high. Nearly everyone has an example of a part whose size, technology or material of construction suggests one level of price but the invoice turns out to be quite expensive, leaving the customer perplexed,” said Jacques Chauvet, senior v-p of customer service. Dassault Falcon has implemented a “rightsized pricing” program, focusing initially on the most commonly used parts.