SyberJet To Move HQ, SJ30 Assembly to Utah

 - June 6, 2013, 3:30 PM

SyberJet Aircraft selected Cedar City, Utah, for the location of its headquarters and the SJ30 assembly plant, the company announced this afternoon. “Our decision to locate the SJ30 assembly facility and SyberJet headquarters in Utah is a result of the incentive package offered by local and state officials,” noted David Grant, chairman of SyberJet parent company MSC Aerospace.

MSC is also the parent company of Metalcraft, which acquired the SJ30 light jet program in April 2011 for $3.5 million from Emivest Aerospace. In fact, Metalcraft will be a major subcontractor to SyberJet, manufacturing and assembling the majority of the SJ30 airframe structure.

Both state and local governments offered a multi-year tax incentive package with a combined value in excess of $43 million to entice MSC to locate the Syberjet headquarters and assembly facility in Cedar City and expand Metalcraft’s operations in Utah. However, Syberjet plans to maintain its “existing San Antonio operations,” meaning engineering and flight-test operations, in Texas, the company said.

SyberJet’s plans call for completing the development and certification of a new SyberVision flight deck, which is based on Honeywell avionics, and ramping up the SJ30 production line in Cedar City over the next two years.