Bell’s Aviation Service Expands EASA DOA Certification

 - July 3, 2013, 1:13 PM

Prague, Czech Republic-based Aviation Service, a Bell Helicopter service facility, has been granted expanded and updated terms of its design organization approval from EASA. The expansion of the DOA certification allows Aviation Service to perform major changes on the primary structure and cabin interior on all Bell helicopter models.

“With the broader scope of DOA certification, we have significantly increased our ability to incorporate customizing and completion services on new Bell aircraft to be delivered in the region,” said Michael Reagan, director of global services for Bell Helicopter customer support and services.

He added, “The DOA also [allows] us to obtain EASA approval for supplemental type certificates and furthers our ability to customize an aircraft based on our customers’ mission-specific requirements.”

The expanded DOA terms include designing changes to aircraft related to electronic instruments, communication and navigation radio equipment, cabin interior and related structures. All changes must meet the applicable type-certification and environmental protection requirements and must fall under Part 21 design activities.