Hartzell’s Five-blade Swept Prop OK’d for TBM

 - October 16, 2013, 12:50 PM

Hartzell Propeller received FAA and EASA type certificate approval for an advanced swept airfoil structural composite five-blade propeller for the TBM 700 and 850. The new design, specifically engineered for the TBM turboprop single, delivers quicker takeoff acceleration, higher cruise speeds and better climb, along with less noise.

“The stronger structural composite construction of these advanced carbon-fiber blades and their sophisticated aerodynamic design boosts the TBM’s already impressive performance to a higher level,” said Hartzell president Joe Brown. “We just finished flying cross-country from Ohio to the Pacific Northwest in our TBM 700 with the new five-blade prop, and the added quickness and speed are striking, and the airplane’s ramp presence is stunning.”

According to the company, takeoff acceleration from zero to 90 knots with the new Hartzell propeller is 10 percent faster than with any other available propeller. Hartzell’s new propeller also provides for a 100-feet-per-minute stronger climb rate, cruise is two knots faster than with the current four-blade prop and five knots faster than with the five-blade wood-based propeller option.

The new Hartzell five-blade prop is also significantly quieter in the cabin and in the pattern, said the company.