AV8 MRO To Repair Hawker Landing Gear for Duncan

 - November 6, 2013, 12:40 PM

Duncan Aviation has selected Houston-based AV8 MRO as its preferred provider for the repair and overhaul of all Hawker landing gear.

“This agreement allows Duncan Aviation to take advantage of our complete in-house repair and overhaul capabilities, while also giving them the opportunity to offer an overhaul exchange program to their customers,” said Yoel Arnoni, one of the MRO’s principals.

The newly established FAA and EASA repair station offers maintenance, repair and overhaul services for all variants of the Hawker 125 series landing gear, including the option to have the components sent in, overhauled and returned to the customer, or an overhaul exchange. If no overhaul is required, AV8 MRO can provide the specific repairs.

The company has specification approval to make replacement parts and currently has approval for almost 400 parts for the Hawker 125 landing gear.