Singapore Air Show

Falcons Have the Range Asian Business Aviation Needs

 - February 11, 2014, 2:20 AM
Dassault’s Falcon 7X offers range of up to 5,950 nm carrying eight passengers and three crew at Mach 0.80.

Dassault Falcon Jet is seeing a surge of interest in its Falcon business jets in Southeast Asia, according to president and CEO John Rosanvallon, who highlighted Indonesia as the latest market hotspot on the eve of this year’s Singapore Airshow. Dassault is exhibiting its Falcon 7X and 2000LX aircraft here this week.

The company anticipates the delivery of the first Falcon in Indonesia this year, a 2000LXS model. There are already 14 Falcons in operation in Southeast Asia and Dassault is betting on the family’s short airfield and high temperature performance to increase that number.

In Singapore, Dassault operates a regional spares distribution center, in partnership with express package specialist UPS. Some $15 million worth of spare parts is now stocked at the hub. The OEM has also boosted its customer support team in the Asia Pacific region and now has field representatives located in Singapore, Beijing, Hong Kong and Shanghai.

The Falcon 7X, which is equipped with business aviation’s first digital flight control system, can fly nonstop from Singapore to Istanbul, or from Singapore to New York with one stop. The trijet can cruise at up to Mach 0.90 and features the EASy II flight deck, which gained certification approval last year.

The new 2000LXS combines the long range of the 2000LX model with the short-field performance of the 2000S. The LXS model is equipped with full inboard slats and can land and takeoff at lower speeds, even at high altitudes and in hot temperatures, allowing operators to access smaller airfields. It also features the EASy II cockpit and the latest FalconCabin HD+ cabin entertainment system.