Elliott Aviation Adds Hawker Aircell Wi-Fi STC

 - March 26, 2014, 11:30 AM

Elliott Aviation has received FAA STC approval for the activation and use of all Aircell Wi-Fi products in the Hawker 800/850/900/1000. The approval includes the newly announced ATG 2000 and ST 4300, as well as the ATG 5000, ATG 4000, Aviator 200/300/350 and Gogo Vision with UCS 5000 media server.

“Cost of the Aircell ATG 2000 for these Hawkers starts at approximately $57,000, not including installation,” said Conrad Theisen, avionics sales manager for Elliott Aviation. Downtime is eight to 10 days.

The Aircell ATG 2000 is a wireless cabin broadband system aimed at midsize and light jets and turboprops that allows connection to the Internet via laptop, smartphone and tablets. In addition to Internet, voice service is available on either Gogo OnePhone cabin handsets or on personal devices via the Gogo Text & Talk service. The service also allows passengers to use their own smartphones for calling and texting in flight with their own mobile number.

The STC allows operation of Aircell’s all-in-one cabin entertainment suite, Gogo Vision, which provides on-demand movies, TV episodes, news, weather and flight progress.