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MedAire Releases New Onboard Medical Kits

 - May 21, 2014, 3:20 PM
MedAire managing director Peter Tuggey, left, and product marketing manager Mandy Eddington demonstrate the company’s latest kits and its Trip Ready mobile app.

Airborne medical specialist MedAire (Booth 6543) has released a new series of improved airborne medical kits that were developed by the company’s medical products review board. The latest kits draw on the experience from more than 100,000 inflight medical events. The new range was created with ease-of-access and ease-of-use as key features for both crew and passengers.

At the upper end of the range is the Advanced Aviation Medical Kit, which includes contents that can stabilize patients in critical situations and begin the inflight treatment of common ailments. It includes antibiotics so that treatment of bacterial conditions can be initiated rapidly and a digital blood-pressure monitor. Updated Aircraft First Aid Kits include medications for motion sickness and oral rehydration salts and a wrist blood-pressure monitor. The Aircraft First Aid Kit Rx includes a bronchodilator and anti-nausea drugs.

As well as meeting or exceeding regulations, the MedAire kits are integrated with the company’s travel risk management solutions, including MedLink. This a 24/7 global emergency response center for inflight medical assistance. The company also provides medical training for flight crew.

MedAire has devised the Trip Ready app that provides a wide range of useful information about destinations around the world. Users with MedAire membership can also receive timely information about disease outbreaks, civil unrest or natural disasters that may affect their safety, giving them a tool to aid decision-making. The Trip Ready app was initially compatible with the iPad, but has now been extended to the iPhone.