TrueNorth Selected To Make AeroWave Router for BendixKing

 - April 26, 2016, 12:18 PM
The AeroWave router is targeted for light- to medium-sized jets and turboprops. (Photo: TrueNorth Avionics)

BendixKing has picked TrueNorth Avionics to manufacture a router/wireless access point for the company’s AeroWave 100 satcom. The AeroWave router is based on TrueNorth’s Optelity Hot Spot “N” wireless access point, which was introduced last year and is targeted for turboprops and light to midsize jets.

The AeroWave router is permanently installed in the aircraft as a certified product and it weighs just over half a pound. It includes an external antenna but must be connected to telecom equipment—the AeroWave 100—to facilitate communications outside the aircraft.

The AeroWave 100 and the AeroWave router allow passengers to connect mobile devices to the satcom system via Wi-Fi and use TrueNorth’s MyStylus app to make calls from iOS and Android mobile devices. It features data speeds of up to 200 Kbps (3G) on Inmarsat’s Class 15 satcom network.

Operators pay for service up front, $1,999 for 50 hours, which averages to $40 per hour, but this pre-paid package is limited to 104 Kbps. “Other plans are available with the higher speed,” according to BendixKing. A $3,000 rebate is available for buyers taking delivery before June 1. Total system weight is about 12 pounds. 

We are enthusiastic about the AeroWave 100 system, offering an innovative solution for the general aviation market, and this great opportunity to work with BendixKing in providing new airborne communications functionality to an underserved aircraft category,” said Mark van Berkel, TrueNorth CEO. “As part of the system, our integrated mini-router/wireless access point brings communications capabilities previously reserved for long-range aircraft into the cabins of light aircraft like Cessna Citations and Bombardier Learjets. With certified Wi-Fi people can stay connected in flight.”