New NBAA Policy Highlights Importance of Safety Focus

 - November 21, 2016, 3:08 PM

NBAA has developed a new policy that highlights the association’s ongoing commitment to promoting safety as a key part of its mission. NBAA president and CEO Ed Bolen joined NBAA chairman Paul Anderson and NBAA Safety Committee chairman David Ryan in signing the new safety policy during the association’s recent second annual National Safety Forum.

You now have the opportunity to understand NBAA’s vision, its values, its policy statement and our commitment to making sure that we are doing in 2016 what our founders envisioned in 1947,” Bolen said in announcing the new policy, adding that vision is “to make sure business aviation is safe, and is perceived to be safe, and that we are utilizing all the best practices, tools and information available to us to make that a reality.”

The policy outlines NBAA’s Safety Committee’s efforts to collaborate with strategic government and industry partnerships and to use a safety management system model to identify risks through data-driven analysis. “From that analysis, NBAA develops resources and recommendations to mitigate the identified risks, promotes the adoption of theses tools and best practices and monitors progress to assure continuous improvements in business aviation safety.”

The policy further stresses that safety is a “cornerstone value of business aviation.”

NBAA’s National Safety Forum, held on the closing day of its annual convention, also provided an overview of the association’s safety activities, as well as a means to delve into a number of key safety issues confronting the industry. The forum featured speakers including FAA associate administrator for aviation safety Peggy Gilligan and NTSB chairman Christopher Hart.