Baker Offers Trade-in Credit on New Fire Containment Bag

 - January 9, 2017, 11:42 AM
The newest Hot-Stop L Evo fire-containment bags contain an airtight zipper the company says does not allow any smoke or toxins to escape.

A recent FAA Fire & Cabin Safety Research Conference in Atlantic City, New Jersey, highlighted the threat of toxic smoke emitted by burning portable electronic devices, ignited by thermal runaway of their lithium-ion batteries. In recognition of this hazard, Texas-based Baker Aviation, the distributor of the Hot-Stop L line of onboard portable electronic device fire containment kits, is offering a $200 trade-in discount for any other brand of fire-containment bag, good toward the purchase of a new airtight Hot-Stop L Evo kit.

We know how serious the threat of smoke is in an aircraft, especially in the cockpit; therefore, in light of this recent research, we are no longer manufacturing our legacy bag with nominal escape of smoke,” said Baker president and CEO Ray Goyco Jr. The $200 discount applies to any Part 91 or Part 135 operator. “The new Hot-Stop L Evo with the latest zipper technology is airtight and does not allow any smoke or toxins to escape once the device is properly sealed in the bag.”

For those who already own a legacy Hot-Stop bag, the company is offering a retrofit option, which will incorporate the new airtight zipper.