Farnborough Air Show

Elisra Has Escort Jammer System

 - November 16, 2006, 10:32 AM

Elisra is introducing a new ALQ-903 Escort Jammer system here at the Farnborough International show. The system allows penetration of complex layers of air defenses, and increases the survivability of attacking aircraft. A fully digital design, the ALQ-903 uses advanced technology that enables automatic radar detection, identification and jamming.

The company’s technological capabilities and expertise have been accumulated during years of operational experience in radar warning receiver, electronic support measures and electronic countermeasures technologies.

The ALQ-903 can be used with most fighter aircraft and is installed on a single plane within each group of aircraft. The ALQ-903 detects ground radar, jams those radar installations and prevents them from detecting any of these attacking aircraft. The system design includes phase array solid state power amplifiers, and operates in either autonomous or controlled modes.