Dubai Air Show

Multi-purpose Platform Has Dual Role

 - December 11, 2006, 5:26 AM

The Diamond DA42 MPP (multi-purpose platform) fitted with an UOMZ sensor pod attracted considerable interest when it was displayed at the Paris Air Show. Present studies could lead to the aircraft being offered as an optionally piloted or unmanned aerial vehicle, a development that could be available in about three year’s time. In the last few months, Rheinmetall Defence has devised an alternative sensor pod derived from the KZO UAV system developed for the German army. This will be fitted and demonstrated at the forthcoming LIMA exhibition in Malaysia. The DA42 MPP will fly over the area and transmit real-time images to the Rheinmetall chalet at the show.  Both Diamond and Rheinmetall are confident that the combination will attract interest from countries that need to improve border security.