Paris Air Show

Elisra expands EW exports

 - June 5, 2009, 11:19 AM

A recent and hitherto unannounced delivery of electronic warfare (EW) equipment to Germany highlights the growing export portfolio of Israeli electronic warfare firm Elisra. The EW/radar warning receiver equipment was supplied under an urgent operational requirement for the German army’s CH-53 helicopters, in advance of a deployment to Afghanistan.

Other recent Elisra successes were the selection of the company to provide the Brazilian air force with a full EW suite–including radar warning receivers, a missile warning system and electronic countermeasures–to upgrade its A-1 AMX fighter/attack aircraft, and selection by the U.S. Air Force to provide a personal search-and-rescue beacon/communications system. In the Republic of Korea Elisra is to provide a full EW suite for the C-130 Hercules, and the RWR for KAI’s FA-50 Golden Eagle multi-role fighter.

Owned 70 percent by Elbit and 30 percent by Elta (IAI), Elisra is a world leader in advanced integrated EW and intelligence solutions, with a long history of providing equipment to the Israeli MOD and export partners. Here at the Paris Air Show the company is displaying a wide range of its capabilities.

Among them is the new Spectrolite SPS-65V-5 unified system that integrates a defensive aids system and electronic support measures into a single LRU. Combining the functions of SPS-20 wide- and NBDR-25 narrowband receivers plus LWS-20 laser warning sensors into a single system reduces cost, size and system complexity, while providing highly accurate direction-finding and threat warning performance. Spectrolite can be adapted to a wide range of platforms, and can also be integrated with missile warning systems and countermeasures.

Elisra is also showcasing its PAWS and PAWS-2 infrared-based missile warning systems, which have been applied to numerous vehicles. PAWS uses wide field-of-view staring IR sensors to analyze incoming missile IR signatures and warn pilots or vehicle crews of direction, type and time to impact. PAWS can automatically cue directional IR countermeasures  as well as activate the on-board chaff and flare dispensing system.

The family comprises the PAWS for helicopters and transports, PAWS-2 for fighter applications (such as the Israeli air force’s F-16Is), LORICA for commercial aircraft and TANDIR for ground vehicles.

As well as warning systems, Elisra provides a range of intelligence-gathering and C4I systems. Included is a range of products tailored for UAV use, such as the SkyFix Comint system and Emerald AES-210V Elint suite. Elisra also provides a wide range of communications and datalink solutions, mainly through its Tadiran Spectralink subsidiary.