Singapore Air Show

Selex Galileo Sets Sights on Asian Market

 - February 2, 2010, 12:48 AM

Selex Galileo (Stand J39) believes it can become a key player in defense electronics in Southeast Asia. Here at the Singapore Airshow, the Finmeccanica subsidiary is promoting defensive aids, electro-optical (EO) sensors for maritime surveillance and active array radars.

The company has sold its helicopter integrated defensive aids suite (HIDAS) to Greece, Kuwait and the UK to protect those nations’ Boeing AH-64 Apache fleets. The HIDAS uses multi-spectral sensors and pre-loaded intelligence to produce a comprehensive tactical picture of the operating environment. Variations of this system are going onto the UK’s Boeing CH-47 Chinooks and the recently announced upgrade to the UK’s Eurocopter Pumas.

Selex claims its airborne tactical and observation system (ATOS) is a best-seller in the maritime surveillance market, with more than 40 systems sold in the last 10 years to eight customers. The company makes EO turrets that integrate the Erica Plus camera and radar. Selex has developed active electronically scanned array (AESA) versions of its Seaspray radar for large platforms, while the compact and lightweight PicoSAR is designed for small helicopters and UAVs. The latest version of this sensor combines radar and EO in a single package, called PicoSTAR.