Dubai Air Show

ELBAT Joint Venture Shows Range of Products at Dubai Air Show

 - November 14, 2011, 6:04 AM

Italian electronic defense company Elettronica and Abu Dhabi-based Baynunah Aviation Technology recently established the ELTBAT Electronic Systems Development joint venture to act as a center of excellence in the Gulf region in the electronic warfare field.

At the Dubai Air Show, Elettronica is showing a range of the company’s products, including the ELT/572 directional infrared countermeasures set. This is a laser-based system that is housed in a small, agile turret that is primarily tasked with providing defense against shoulder-launched MANPADS weapons.

Elettronica is also showing the ELT/800 system that gathers electronic intelligence across a wide signal domain, and the ELT/243 PET (Passive Emitter Tracking) system that uses time difference of arrival (TDOA) techniques to accurately track noncooperative emitting targets.

Company expertise across a range of electronic defense applications has been brought together in its new Virgilius offering. This draws on the latest equipment and signal processing techniques to provide a fully integrated electronic warfare system for both fixed- and rotary-wing applications. It is modular so that it can be tailored to customer requirements, and can provide a detection and classification capability across a wide spectrum of threat radars.