Egypt, Brazil Boost C295 Order Book for Airbus

 - August 7, 2014, 12:43 PM
Airbus is flight-testing winglets on the C295. This particular company-owned aircraft also serves as the demonstrator for the C295 AEW version. (photo: Airbus Military)

Airbus Defence & Space announced a repeat order from Egypt for eight more C295 transports, and one from Brazil for three C295s configured for search-and-rescue. The company will be offering C295s with a winglet option beginning next year, although it did not say whether the newly ordered aircraft would be so configured. Airbus has received orders from 19 countries for more than 140 C295s.

The Egyptian air force became the largest customer for the C295, since it already ordered 12, of which six have been delivered. Egypt selected the C295 because of its versatility, robustness and efficiency combined with ease of maintenance and low cost of operations, according to the maker.

The Brazilian air force already operates 12 C295s as transports. It enjoys complete autonomy in training because a full flight simulator is installed at Manaus airbase, Airbus D&S said.

The winglet-equipped version is designated C295W. The winglets can boost range by 9 percent, and save about 6.5 percent in fuel consumption, according to Airbus D&S.