Paris Air Show

New Grob jet features quick-change luxury

 - December 13, 2006, 12:47 PM

Selected by Grob to design and engineer the cabins for both the new SPn Utility Jet and the G-160 Ranger, Germany’s Rücker Aerospace could draw on the experience of its Spanish parent, which is a center of excellence for automotive styling and design.

Grob contacted the Rücker companies last December when development of the then-secret SPn Utility Jet was gathering pace, giving the brief to develop complete cabins as a turnkey project for both design and engineering. The first sketches were produced by Rücker’s styling studio in Barcelona, which offered a variety of different options.

The utility role of the SPn presented a particular challenge and Rücker was obliged to create a passenger cabin that meets business and leisure expectations. However, it was also required to feature easily removable elements to allow layout flexibility and cabin adaptation to different uses–including the carriage of cargo. The results of Rücker’s innovative design can be seen in the Grob mockup on display in the static area.

Grob announced the SPn here at Le Bourget on Monday. It has already signed up an unspecified number of customers for the all-composite twinjet, which is due to fly next month.