Regulations and Government

News about bills, laws, regulations and other governmental decisions affecting aviation and aerospace. Topics include FAA re-authorizations, taxes on fuel and aviation activities, environmental legislation, ICAO decisions, governmental mediation of labor conflicts and World Trade Organization disputes and decisions.

Arrival and departure slots for business and general aviation operations being enacted at Toronto airport during runway rehabilitation project.
The plan involves efforts to improve efficiency, services and regulations in the Northeastern, Eastern, Northwest and Xinjiang regions.
EC calls for security coordination meeting in Brussels
Nine aviation associations in Europe have issued a joint statement backing the EU and reiterating its huge benefits for aviation.
FAA released an order outlining the procedures for the RCCB, which is designed to address long-held concerns about inconsistent regulatory interpretations.
Tightening immigration policies stand to thwart growth in demand for air travel
The approval will allow the location to work on G650s registered in China, Macau and Hong Kong, including the six under its own management.
FAA air traffic controllers
Sixteen associations asked U.S. House and Senate leaders to ensure they have enough time to fully review any independent ATC proposal.
The ruling follows a guilty plea on charges he bribed an FAA inspector.
Directive covers six countries and affects 14 airlines