News and information on safety procedures and concerns.

Tower was quickly evacuated and will remain shut pending the results of air sampling tests.
Recommends that volcanic ash forecasts should be presented in the form of a zoning system that depicts areas of low, medium and high concentrations
Of 29 aviation recommendations, TSB found that only three had reached the response status of "Fully Satisfactory."
After several fires, the devices are no longer allowed in checked baggage.
The FAA is launching an industry effort to evaluate pilot fitness to fly, plus another program for updating aeromedical technology
After a series of ice ingestion accidents, Canada's Transportation Safety Board looks to initiate an inlet design review to prevent mishaps in winter.
Drone zone
At EAA AirVenture, drone and radio-control pilots will be able to fly during the evening at Pioneer Airport.
On the basis of a midair and dozens of near-collisions, the agency is soliciting advice.
Martin-Baker ejection seat
From the F-35 to basic trainers, British company offers world’s fighter pilots a means of escape.
Some mitigations might not be necessary for a facility to conduct independent non-intersecting converging runway operations.