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Oct 1, 2015 - 9:54 AM
Criticize resolution to use EU ETS fees as a source of climate funding for other industries
GE Aviation GE3000 turboshaft engine
Oct 1, 2015 - 9:08 AM
The service will award 'up to two' contracts for a two-year preliminary design phase of the engine planned for Apache and Blackhawk helicopters.
Williams product support.
Oct 1, 2015 - 6:00 AM
Williams claimed the top spot among turbofan makers while Honeywell retained its leadership in the turboprop sector.
Oct 1, 2015 - 5:30 AM
By not issuing reasonable rules for drones, the FAA is making their operators comfortable with not having to follow any rules.
Sep 30, 2015 - 5:41 PM
Angel Jet Network will transport underprivileged patients in China and across the Asia Pacific region.
Sep 30, 2015 - 4:54 PM
The Air Transport Action Group meeting in Geneva released letter on environmental sustainability and highlights Gulfstream green efforts.
Gulfstream G650
Sep 30, 2015 - 12:14 PM
Survey respondents said “saving time” was the number-one reason that they fly on business aircraft.
Sep 30, 2015 - 10:53 AM
XTI has received more than $10.5 million in potential nonbinding investment offers for its TriFan 600 vertical takeoff airplane.
Sep 30, 2015 - 10:09 AM
The House and Senate are expected to vote today on measure to avert government shutdown.
Hot Spot
Sep 30, 2015 - 9:35 AM
The Optelity Hot Spot allows operators of smaller jets and turboprops to provide wireless access for passengers and pilots.