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While parked at Salt Lake CIty Airport, the Citation X suffered wing damage when it was struck by a pickup truck heading to another part of the airport.
Arrival and departure slots for business and general aviation operations being enacted at Toronto airport during runway rehabilitation project.
Gulfstream G500
Five flying test aircraft have accrued 2,600 hours in more than 600 flights.
The plan involves efforts to improve efficiency, services and regulations in the Northeastern, Eastern, Northwest and Xinjiang regions.
Three-axis rotational apparatus can accurately recreate upset conditions.
Airbus Helicopters H130
Company v-p sees potential for the H130 light single helicopter in corporate, private and tourism operations in the region
Airframer expects EASA approval for LCY steep approach in second quarter
With enough data in hand, organizations can transform their culture.
Finding could overturn a long-standing ban on jets at the airport.
Apache flyover in Mesa, Arizona
The manufacturer will provide 244 remanufactured AH-64Es to the U.S. Army over five years, and 24 new-build E-models to Saudi Arabia.