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German Federal Police Order 44 Airbus H225s

The helicopters will be flown in disaster-relief and firefighting missions
Airbus H225 for German federal police order

Recoil STCs Super Puma T1000-E Firefighting Tank

The carbon-fiber tank can carry 1,000 gallons of water plus 35 gallons of foam
Precision Super Puma helicopter equipped with Recoil T1000-E firefighting tank

Airbus Seeks To Boost Output and Performance

Rotorcraft accounted for the strongest earnings growth across the Airbus group
Airbus Helicopters

Airbus H225 Flies on 100 Percent SAF

Flight is start of campaign to get 100 percent SAF approved for use in all Airbus Helicopter models.

Milestone To Lease 11 Airbus H225s to Air Center Helos

The leasing deal will bring Air Center Helicopters' leased Airbus H225 fleet from Milestone Aviation to 18 aircraft.
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Heli-One Offers New H225 Mods for HEMS Operations

New modifications for the H225 helicopter include an updated medical wall, a stretcher installation, a loud hailer and an enhanced vision system.
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