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Southwest and Archer Plan California eVTOL Routes

Archer's Midnight air taxi could serve California's busiest airports
Archer's Midnight eVTOL aircraft is pictured during a flight test

ZeroAvia Cuts Hydrogen Production Costs with AI Software

Real-world tests demonstrated a 20% cost reduction
ZeroAvia Dornier 228

Joby and H2Fly Fly Hydrogen-powered eVTOL Aircraft

The hydrogen propulsion system was jointly developed with Joby's Germany-based subsidiary
Joby's eVTOL aircraft with blue livery and trail of water vapor behind it
Regulations and Government

UK Regulator Gives Vertical Aerospace More Control over Certification Tasks

The UK Civil Aviation Authority and EASA have agreed on how to jointly certify the aircraft
Vertical Aerospace VX4 eVTOL aircraft

Heart Presses Ahead With New Independent Hybrid Regional Airliner

The Swedish start-up has changed the architecture of its planned propulsion system
Heart Aerospace ES-30 hybrid-electric regional airliner

New Funding Allows Cranfield Team to Build Hydrogen Airliner Demonstrator

UK company aims to bring nine-passenger converted Islander aircraft to market in 2027
Cranfield Aerospace Solutions hydrogen propulsion system

Deutsche Aircraft Delays Service Entry for D328eco Regional Airliner

Deliveries of the 40-seater are now expected to start at the end of 2027
Deutsche Aircraft D328eco regional airliner

Advanced Air Mobility Wrestles with Battery Complexity and Limitations

About:Energy uses simulation and data modeling to resolve uncertainties around batteries
MagniX's new Samson batteries
Charter & Fractional

Japanese Train Operator Seeks to Integrate eVTOL Air Taxi Services

The Japanese manufacturer launched a partnership with Kyushu Railway Company
Kyushu Railway Company in Japan may have eVTOL aircraft using vertiports near its stations

American Firms Up Commitment for Hydrogen-powered CRJ700 Regional Jets

The U.S. carrier has agreed to buy 100 of ZeroAvia's hydrogen-electric engines
ZeroAvia Dash 8 testbed aircraft
Finance, Taxes, Insurance

Eve Raises $94 Million in Fresh Funding for eVTOL Aircraft

In the same week, rival Archer raised $55 million from existing backer Stellantis
Eve Air Mobility eVTOL full-scale prototype

China Southern Airlines Makes Plans To Operate eVTOL Aircraft

The carrier signed a cooperation agreement with Chinese eVTOL vehicle manufacturer EHang
EHang EH216-S eVTOL aircraft

Universal Hydrogen Runs Out of Cash and Closes Business

The failure of efforts to raise more funding was acknowledged in a June 30 statement
Universal Hydrogen's Dash 8 aircraft

First eVTOL Air Services Do Not Mark the End of the AAM Race-to-Market

Independent experts say there are plenty more twists and turns to come
Joby eVTOL in New York City

Helios Horizon Aims to Take Electric Aviation to the Stratosphere

Next test flights in converted Pipistrel Taurus light aircraft will target altitudes above 40,000 feet
Helios Horizon's electric-powered Pipistrel Taurus aircraft
Charter & Fractional

EHang Conducts More Passenger Flight Demonstrations in China

Pilotless sightseeing trips were conducted at a resort in Wencheng County in China’s Zhejiang province
EHang flight in Wencheng County, China

Ferrovial Teams with eVTOL Operator UrbanLink To Develop Florida Vertiports

The infrastructure group will make the facilities available for multiple eVTOL air services
Ferrovial is developing vertiports for eVTOL aircraft

MagniX Enters Energy Storage Race with Samson Batteries

The new batteries will work with multiple electric propulsion systems for aircraft
MagniX Samson electric batteries for aviation

Archer Plans eVTOL Air Taxi Routes in San Francisco

Vertiports may be coming soon to Oyster Point, Napa, San Jose, Oakland, and Livermore
A digital rendering of the Archer "Sea Portal" at Oyster Point in South San Francisco
Charter & Fractional

Spanish Business Aircraft Operator Commits to Crisalion's eVTOL Model

Málaga-based iJet Aviation said it plans to buy 10 of the five-passenger Integrity aircraft
Crisalion Integrity eVTOL aircraft