Grob G 120TP
May 6, 2021 - 5:08 AM
The G 120TP has been selected for the first phase of a complete overhaul of Sweden’s military pilot training program.
May 5, 2021 - 10:39 AM
Concerns of a technician shortage are renewed, however, according to an Aeronautical Repair Station Association survey.
inReach Mini
May 5, 2021 - 8:30 AM
For low-cost airborne connectivity, a portable Iridium satcom like this one offers a useful alternative.
Covid test costs
May 4, 2021 - 9:41 AM
An IATA study shows that cost of an air ticket could almost double due to Covid testing requirements.
F-35B Queen Elizabeth
May 4, 2021 - 6:17 AM
An operational aircraft carrier capability is being restored to the Royal Navy after more than a decade with the deployment of the Queen Elizabeth.
May 3, 2021 - 3:14 PM
Five Airbus A350-900s and five Boeing 787-9s will effectively replace Lufthansa's A340 quadjets.
Cessna Citation Longitude
May 3, 2021 - 8:55 AM
The Cessna Citation Longitude is an excellent performer in the super-midsize business jet market.
MTU hydrogen
May 3, 2021 - 8:30 AM
Pratt & Whitney, along with rivals such as GE, Rolls-Royce, and MTU, see multiple paths to air transport's green future, with hydrogen only one of these.
Airbus ZeroE
May 3, 2021 - 8:20 AM
Pioneers are working on plans for hydrogen-powered aircraft, ranging in size from 6 to 200 seats, some of which could enter service as soon as 2025.
May 3, 2021 - 8:15 AM
Major technical, safety, and prototype challenges need to be overcome to establish the feasibility of hydrogen fuel for aviation.