Sep 20, 2019 - 1:47 PM
The integrated UK tourism group owns airlines in Germany, the UK, Scandinavia, and Spain.
Napa County Airport
Sep 20, 2019 - 11:34 AM
California's Napa County Airport believes it has enough GA traffic to require another FBO, and the county board has issued an RFP to attract one.
Comac C919
Sep 20, 2019 - 11:25 AM
Comac expects six C919 prototypes to have flown by year-end.
Sep 20, 2019 - 11:04 AM
The decision to give airlines a choice of airports has led to complications for Chinese aviation authorities.
Sep 20, 2019 - 10:58 AM
Rolls-Royce warned that reaching the target of fewer than 10 AOGs is now delayed to the second quarter of 2020.
Sep 20, 2019 - 6:21 AM
The “Green Mountain Boys” of the Vermont ANG are the first Guard unit to receive the fifth-generation Lightning II
Boeing MQ-25 Stingray prototype
Sep 20, 2019 - 4:15 AM
Boeing’s MQ-25 unmanned carrierborne tanker gets flight trials under way at MidAmerica St. Louis Airport
Sep 19, 2019 - 3:28 PM
The jet card and jet management provider has doubled down in St. Louis and addded a base in Texas' capital.
Sep 19, 2019 - 1:42 PM
Japan is the first export customer for the KC-46, and expects to get its first of an initially approved batch of four aircraft in 2021
Sep 19, 2019 - 1:25 PM
The new weapon aims to fill the middle ground between the AIM-9X and the AIM-120, combining good range performance with the AIM-9X’s agility