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Coptersafety Expands FAA Part 142 Helicopter Training

The training is approved by the FAA under Part 142 regulations
Coptersafety AW139 flight simulator

Columbia Introduces 234SP Chinook Helicopter

Model 234 Chinooks are getting some upgrades
Columbia Helicopters

Bell Adding TRU 505 VR Simulator to Training Academy

The simulator will enhance practicing emergencies and various scenarios
Bell TRU 505 simulator
Maintenance and Modifications

Cadorath Winnipeg Receives Rolls-Royce Approval

The approval adds more capabilities to the company's engine services
Rolls-Royce M250

VAI Honors Salute to Excellence Award Winners at Heli-Expo 2024

VAI awards recognize those who achieve incredible feats while supporting the community and helicopter industry
Helicopter rescue

Leonardo Offering Wireless HUMS on AW09 Helicopter

System will work with leading tracking services
Leonardo AW09 mock up at Heli-Expo 2024

ASU Unveils Lightweight E3 Night-vision Goggle

The new night-vision goggle is available for orders
Aviation Specialties Unlimited night-vision goggle

Phenix Heavy Lift UAS Makes Heli-Expo Debut

The UAS is targeting logistics, firefighting, agriculture, and defense applications
Phenix Solutions’ Ultra 2XL heavy lift uncrewed aerial system (UAS)
Training and Workforce

Helo Scholarship Programs Aimed at Teenagers, Women Pilots

High school students sponsored at Heli-Expo
VAI, Jeff Pino Foundation scholarships

Airwolf STCs Lithium-ion Batteries, Releases Charger

Charger helps operators maintain lithium-ion batteries
Airwolf Charger
Regulations and Government

FAA Clarifies Part 135 FDR Seating Configuration Regs

The agency is seeing confusion surrounding FDR requirements
Global Express Interior

Reiser's Airbus H145D3 Full-flight Simulator Gets Nod

The simulator received certification from the Norwegian Civil Aviation Authority
Airbus H145D3

Shadin Avionics Intros Newest Digita/Analog Radar Altimeter Converter

The company says its latest DARALT converter is a 'future-proof" solution
Shadin Avionics New DARALT digital to analog radar altimeter converter

Hensoldt Makes the Cellphone Detection Connection

Enhanced mission management is available with the EuroNav 7 integration
Hensoldt integration to geolocate cellphones

Airbus Helicopters Positioning for the Offshore Boom

Airbus Helicopters ramps up H175, H160 production
Airbus Offshore

Milestone Sees Heavy Helo Rebound

After a long decline in offshore transport demand, all its Sikorsky S-92s are back in service
Sikorsky S-92 heavy twin helicopter

PHI Celebrates Its 75th Year

Helicopter services company has grown to a fleet of more than 200
PHI booth at Heli-Expo 2024

MD Helicopters Adds Helint of Kenya as Latest Authorized Service Center

Clientele includes prominent organizations such as the Kenya Defence Force
Helint of Kenya employees

David Smith Named Robinson Helicopter CEO

Kurt Robinson remains on board and will serve as an advisor
David Smith left, Kurt Robinson, right

Utah Medevac Program Aims To Save Stricken Service Dogs

It represents the third program of its kind in the U.S.
K9 handlers with their charges by helicopter
Maintenance and Modifications

Astronautics' Mini-WACS Approved for Airbus Singles

AeroSync Mission supports post-flight data export and storage
Astronautics AeroSync Mission mini-WACS
Maintenance and Modifications

Bell 505 Gains Autopilot, Aux Fuel Approvals

EASA approves installation of GFC 600H autopilot
Bell 505 at Heli-Expo 2024

AviationManuals Sees Uptick in SMS Business

Increase comes as attention to safety intensifies and SMS rule looms
AviationManuals SMS
Maintenance and Modifications

Enstrom Offer More Options for Helicopters

Autopilot, air conditioning, and lithium-ion battery to be offered
Enstrom on the floor at Heli-Expo 2024

Lasen Takes Delivery of Leak-detecting Bell 206

The project involved complete refurbishment of the helicopter
Lasen takes delivery of Bell 206 from Meridian Helicopters

VAI Tackling Infrastructure, Operating Standards with Broadened Base

VAI's Viola is concerned that vertiport standards aren't flexible enough
Helicopter landing at Heli-Expo 2024

Helo Pilot Relives Dark Day, on Road to Recovery

Helicopter Pilot Details Tailboom Separation Crash in NTSB Safety Symposium
Helicopter pilot and crash survivor Tim Hunter

Airbus Expands Support for HUMS Customers

GPMS HUMS adds benefits beyond health and usage monitoring

Enstrom Certifying Genesys Autopilot in 480B

The three-axis autopilot features automatic recovery to near-level flight attitude
Genesys Aerosystems GRC 3000 with GS Button

StartStick Marks 2,500th Delivery

Lightweight GPU available for most turbine helicopters
Starstick GPU