Cessna Citation 560XL, Excel, XL, XLS, and Ascend

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Elliott Launches Citation XL/XLS Refurb with G5000 Upgrade

The XL/XLS Excellence Program offers new avionics, paint, and interior
Elliott Aviation Excellent upgrade of the Citation XL/XLS
Maintenance and Modifications

Eagle Program Keeps Citation Excels Flying

Making Excels like-new adds value to older airframes
Citation Excel Eagle business jet modification

Blocked Comm Eyed in B737-Cessna Citation Near Collision

Business jet overflew the airliner by about 100 feet during the incident

Textron Aviation's Citation Ascend To Make BACE Debut

Updated cabin mockup coming to NBAA's static display
Cessna Citation Ascend
Maintenance and Modifications

CitationPartners is Breathing New Life into Older Cessna Citation Jets

The Citation Excel Eagle program gets you a like-new aircraft.
CitationPartners Citation Excel Eagle aircraft

Citation XLS+/XLS Gen2 Next in Line for G5000 Upgrade

Touchscreen controllers, emergency descent mode, and LPV approaches come with the upgrade
Garmin G5000 avionics upgrade Cessna Citation XLS+ and Gen2 jets
Charter & Fractional

Textron Aviation Inks 1,500-jet Deal with NetJets

NetJets also the launch customer for new Cessna Citation Ascend
Citation midsize jet family

Vref Ups Valuation for CitationPartners Excel Eagle

Based on Vref valuations, CitationPartners said its Excel Eagle now has an increased premium of $1.9 million over the standard Citation Excel.
CitationPartners Citation Excel Eagle with new paint on airport ramp
Cabin Interior and Electronics

SmartSky Wi-Fi Installed on Cessna Citation Excel

This marks the second installation of SmartSky’s broadband connectivity system on one of FlyExclusive’s business jets.
FlyExclusive's Cessna Citation Excel on airport ramp with engine cowling removed for SmartSky connectivity installation

FlyExclusive To Equip Excel Fleet with Garmin G5000

The new Garmin flight deck will modernize flyExclusive's fleet of Cessna Citation Excel midsize twinjets.
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