Challenger 600 Series

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Bombardier Receives Order for Medevac Challenger 650

The aircraft will be delivered in 2026
Rendering of a Challenger 650 for ADAC (Image: Bombardier)

Canadair Challenger: A Widebody Pioneer

Bombardier's successful programs trace back to a company that produced flying boats during World War II

AOPA Institute Takes Closer Look at CL605 Truckee Crash

Animation uses ATC transcripts and NTSB documentation to depict the accident sequence
NTSB Challenger 605 crash Truckee, California

Bombardier Completes Portfolio with Challenger 650 Environmental Declaration

The Challenger 650 EPD details the business jet's environmental footprint from raw material to end-of-life
Challenger 650 Exterior Cloud and Mountain (Photo: Bombardier)

GE Aerospace Marks Independence with Spinoff of GE Vernova

The now standalone companies rang the opening bell together at the NYSE to mark the occasion

Challenger Fatal: Oil Pressure Warnings Preceded Engine Failure

With exits blocked by fire, the flight attendant led passengers through the baggage compartment door
N823KD Hop-A-Jet Challenger 604

Naples Airport Authority Honors Crew of Accident CL604

Chair held a moment of silence and read a statement
Naples Airport

Hop-A-Jet Challenger 604 Crashes on I-75 in Southwest Florida

Business jet was on a flight from Columbus, Ohio
N823KD Hop-A-Jet Challenger 604

Cause of Challenger's Uncommanded Flap Failure Unknown

Charter flight landed safely after departing Farnborough Airport
Failures in the No 1 flap retract relay on a Challenger 604

Bombardier Defense Prepares Luxury Global and Challenger Jets for Military Service

You probably won't find any champagne on these business jets.
Bombardier Defense Global 6500