Falcon 10X

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Dassault Aviation Marks 50 Years in UAE

Dassault has the Rafale C combat aircraft and 2000LXS business jet on static display
Dassault at Dubai Airshow 2023
Maintenance and Modifications

Dassault Breaks Ground on Central Florida Service Center

175,000-sq-ft Falcon maintenance facility to open in late 2024
Dassault MRO Melbourne Florida
Cabin Interior and Electronics

Dassault Falcon 10X Cabin Mockup Helps Customers Refine the Design of Their Jet Interiors

We tour the mockup with two Dassault designers.
Rendering of Dassault Falcon 10X flying

Dassault Aviation Sees Slowdown in First Half of 2023

Dassault Aviation recorded orders for 12 Falcon in the first half, down from 41 in the year-ago period.
Dassault Falcon 8X in flight over clouds

Dassault’s New Falcon 10X Business Jet Flight Deck Helps Pilots Put Safety First

The new interface is optimized to reduce pilot workload
Dassault Falcon 10X flight deck avionics

Dassault Falcon 10X Cabin Racks Up More Kudos

The Chicago Athenaeum Award for Good Design has been awarded to Dassault Aviation for the cabin design of its flagship Falcon 10X.
Dassault Falcon 10X cabin design

Dassault Wins Red Dot Award for Falcon 10X Cabin Design

The Dassault Falcon 10X has also been named a finalist in the International Yacht & Aviation Awards private jet interiors category.
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Rolls-Royce Taps FACC for Pearl 10X Composite Parts

Rolls-Royce has selected Austria-based FACC to develop and manufacture the complete composite package for the Pearl engine to power the new Falcon 10X.
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Dassault Highlighting Push to Longer, Larger at BACE

Dassualt is bringing mockups of its recently unveiled 10X and its 6X that is in flight test, as will as a full 8X aircraft, to BACE.
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Dassault Selects GE for Falcon 10X Power Distribution

GE Aviation says its next-generation primary and solid-state secondary electrical power distribution and control system offers weight savings.
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