Kodiak 100/900 Series

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Daher Ramping Up TBM, Kodiak Production

Company plans to deliver 60 TBMs and 25 Kodiaks this year
Kodiak production in Sandpoint, Idaho

Daher Restructures To Meet Revenue Growth Target

The manufacturer of the TBM and Kodiak aircraft is creating four new business units
Daher TBM 960 aircraft

Daher Deliveries, Orders Remain Stable in 2023

Daher delivered 74 TBMs and Kodiaks, up one from a year earlier
Kodiak 900 and TBM 960 in flight (Photo: Daher)

Daher Opens Idaho Paint Facility for Kodiak Production

The new facility shortens the Kodiak production cycle by around a week
Daher Kodiak paint shop Sandpoint, Idaho

Daher Delivers Lifesaving AEDs in Idaho

Kodiaks deliver AEDs to remote airfields
Daher Kodiak on approach to unpaved airfield.

Daher Confirms Kodiak and TBM Production in Florida

Daher intends to establish second production lines for TBM and Kodiak aircraft at a new facility in Stuart, Florida, acquired from Spirit AeroSystems.
Daher TBM 960 five-bladed propeller

Daher Delivers First Kodiak with 5-Blade Hartzell Prop

North Carolina's Forest Service Aviation Division became the first customer of a Kodiak with a Hartzell five-blade composite propeller.
Daher Kodiak 100 with Hartzell five-blade composite propeller (Photo: Daher)

Daher Unveils More Upgrades for TBMs and Kodiaks

Daher announced several upgrades for its TBM 960 and Kodiak 100 turboprops and also named Simcom as its factory-authorized training organization.
Daher exhibit at Sun ‘n Fun Aerospace Expo in Lakeland, Florida (Photo: Chad Trautvetter/AIN))
Training and Workforce

How To Be a Safe Helicopter Pilot

There's more to being safe than simply not crashing, and here we learn how from helicopter experts.
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Pilot Report: Daher Kodiak 900

The new Kodiak 900 is the 100's bigger but more elegant brother, and both have their own niche in the marketplace.
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