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Preowned Inventories Swell, But It's Not Time To Panic

Business aircraft pricing is up and, while inventories have jumped this year, they are well below those of 2019.
Gulfstream G280
Charter & Fractional

Choosing the Right Management Approach: Not as Simple as It May Appear

Research shows that fewer charter hours for management aircraft can produce more positive results for the owners.
Falcon interior (Photo: Dassault Aviation)

Weighing High-altitude Capabilities in Purchase Decisions

A review of high-altitude-certifed aircraft finds that most do not use the capability, but it can be helpful in certain circumstances.
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Finance, Taxes, Insurance

Market Overview: 2022 Sees Skyrocketing Prices, Low Availability

Through the first three quarters of the year, demand for preowned aircraft remained steady pushing prices dramatically higher while inventory remained low.
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Buyers Should Beware on Common Fractional Types

When major fractional providers begin to sell off fleets, the residual values drop at a rate far faster than for other models.