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Used t-props fly off the shelves

 - February 20, 2008, 12:03 AM
Saab Aircraft Leasing completed 28 transactions last year and by December, for the first time ever, it had placed all 137 of the 340A, 340B and 2000 models on its books.

Used turboprops have become more attractive as oil prices have spiked, and values are going up as a result, president and CEO Michael Magnusson said here yesterday. Sales of new turboprops involve mainly 70-seaters, and in the 30- to 50-seat market, used aircraft predominate. The supply of 340As is shrinking steadily and as a result there is almost no availability of 340B. Values for the 2000, of which Saab has a few available, remain stable.

Challenges going forward include pilot shortages–compounded by limited simulator capacity–shortages of technicians in some markets, overhaul facilities with no spare capacity and limited space at airports.