ABACE Convention News

Asian Sky Opens Up for BizAv Advice

 - March 27, 2012, 4:40 AM

The official launch of Hong Kong’s Asian Sky Group, a new business-aviation consulting firm, took place yesterday here at the ABACE show in Shanghai. Backed by Seacor Capital and Avion Pacific, Asian Sky is a strategic venture designed to leverage the two firms’ businesses and networks.

The company will operate throughout Greater China and the Asia Pacific region and will support sales and acquisitions of new or pre-owned aircraft, as well as offering advice on aircraft management, completions, maintenance, training and other related services. 

Jeff Lowe, Asian Sky general manager, said that although buying and selling would account for large revenue influxes, the company will also be looking for retainer contracts. “Both Seacor and Avion Pacific offer useful related services for owners, although we will direct people to the best possible option for their aircraft, which may come from another provider,” he said.

Seacor has several aviation-related subsidiaries and affiliates, including the Era Group, the world’s third-largest rotary transport provider. It also has a stake in Hawker Pacific (which owns the Shanghai FBO where ABACE is being held), Dart Helicopter Services and a Million Air franchised FBO in Anchorage, Alaska–a common fuel stop for Asian operators flying into the U.S.

Avion Pacific, meanwhile, has been active in the Chinese general aviation industry since 1993, and has offices and operating bases throughout China, including Shenzhen, Beijing, Shanghai, Xi’an, Chengdu, Penglai and Zhuhai. The company’s services include sales and distribution, leasing and financing, and its Kings Aviation affiliate offers management for rotary- and small fixed-wing aircraft, plus pilot training and maintenance. Its Shenzhen-based Hua Rui Aviation Services subsidiary offers Chinese import and export services for aircraft and equipment.