FAA’s Runway Safety Program Increases Outreach

 - June 24, 2013, 2:45 PM

Most of the resources to reduce runway incursions are already in place, according to the FAA’s group manager for runway safety, Jim Krieger, who believes the problem is well understood by pilots, controllers, airport managers and airport vehicle drivers. “Most of what we do now is evaluate an incursion after it occurs,” Krieger told AIN. “We need to look at all of the [data] outcomes and become more predictive about these events. We need to learn how to help operators before they make the mistake.” However, since FAA budget constraints have cut deeply into his options, Krieger wants to use technology to help with his office’s new outreach efforts to reduce incursions. Some options include new mobile apps and transforming text-based Notams into graphically based notices that are easier to understand. Krieger has reached out to sources in the industry, such as pilot training experts John and Martha King, the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association and the National Business Aviation Association for help. Before assuming his current role, Krieger was the quality assurance manager at Chicago O’Hare International Airport, where ongoing construction work taught him how a wide range of factors affect airport operational safety.



This is why the FAASteam seminars are so important. The series for the CFI included Runway Incursions and Pilot Deviations which I turned into a presentation for the everyday pilot. We need more seminars and activities at the airport level, not just the ones in big cities presented by AOPA. However, the FAA is not financing the effort for the FAASteam as much as needed due to budget constraints. However, THAT is where the preventative teaching comes in. AND that structure is already in place.