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TruthNorth Luxury Handset Goes Cordless

 - October 21, 2013, 8:30 AM
TrueNorth Avionics' Luxury Stylus cordless handset

TrueNorth Avionics is introducing its new Luxury Stylus cordless handset here at NBAA 2013 (Booth No. C12440). “It features the same industry leading high-fidelity voice and multilingual interface as the original Stylus,” said CEO Mark van Berkel.

Van Berkel added that the cordless Wi-Fi Stylus is the aviation industry’s only handset capable of recognizing the cradle in which it’s been placed; location-based technology then configures the handset to a specific profile.

As a cordless cousin to the original Stylus, the Wi-Fi handset charges in the cradle via power-over-Ethernet or using 28-volt power. The handset is equipped with nickel-metal hydride batteries to facilitate certification and smart-power management technology to improve battery performance while helping conserve power. For upgrades from earlier TrueNorth handsets, the Stylus Wi-Fi cradle also fits into the company’s legacy Simphonē and corded Stylus handset cutouts.

As with the original Stylus, the cordless version is customizable, from a choice of standard colors to any color desired, multiple languages as well as the addition of company logos. Metal plating, including gold, is also available.

At the NBAA show, TrueNorth’s theme is “Bespoke Solutions.” And in a nod to the highlife of Las Vegas, the exhibit theme is “Stylus Royale.” As part of opening-day convention festivities today, at 4 to 6 p.m., TrueNorth’s Stylus Royale is introducing custom-blended “TrueTini” cocktails and surprise guests, including “a Daniel [James Bond] Craig impersonator and a ‘Bond Girl’ to add drama and create buzz above and beyond the typical opening-day buzz,” according to the company.

Based in Ottawa, Canada, TrueNorth designs, develops and manufactures satellite communication solutions for business aircraft.