EU Agencies Start Work on Cohesive GNSS Plan for Europe

 - September 16, 2014, 3:40 PM

The European Global Navigation Satellite System Agency (GSA)–which operates and maintains Egnos, Europe’s Waas equivalent–and Eurocontrol signed a new cooperation agreement yesterday under which they will jointly implement European satellite navigation policies in the aviation sector. The move will set the stage for the EU to evolve its air traffic management infrastructure from one based primarily on ground-based systems to a more satellite-based system, improving accessibility, efficiency and safety for European operators, pilots and airports.

To accomplish this objective, the agreement focuses on defining aviation user requirements for Egnos and the European Galileo GPS satellite network; introducing European GNSS services for aviation within the European Civil Aviation Conference area; coordinating aviation research and development; monitoring aviation-specific GNSS performance; and promoting European GNSS aviation activities at the international level.

“The full deployment of GNSS offers unprecedented opportunities to further improve air traffic management safety and capacity, while reducing costs at pan-European level,” said GSA executive director Carlo des Dorides. “Eurocontrol’s activities in this field will complement those of the GSA to ensure that the development and implementation of satellite-based navigation provides an optimal solution for European airspace users.”