Honeywell Demos Google Glass Control of Cabin Controls

 - October 23, 2014, 2:38 PM
William Rowell, Honeywell’s business and general aviation senior manager for technical sales, shows off the Google Glass and Samsung smart watch wearable devices that can control the Ovation Select cabin management system in a mockup at NBAA 2014.

Honeywell demonstrated control of its Ovation Select cabin management system with Google Glass this week at NBAA 2014. The demonstration is part of a new rapid-prototyping effort under way at Honeywell to develop products and features.

Honeywell engineers started work on Google Glass control of Ovation Select in February and had a working prototype aboard the company’s Gulfstream G550 in August. The company is also exploring control of Ovation Select using other wearable devices such as the new smart watches from Samsung and Apple. In fact, Honeywell says it received a watch from Samsung last Thursday and already has it working with the cabin management system.

Functions controlled by Google glass include cabin lighting; monitor displays; temperature; flight map information; and electronic shades. More functions will be added as development continues.

The Beta test version of the Google Glass control feature is available to interested customers of aircraft equipped with Ovation Select.