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ADS-B IN Receiver from Avidyne

 - October 25, 2014, 7:30 PM

Avidyne, based in Lincoln, Mass., has added ADS-B IN functionality to its ADS-B products for general aviation. By partnering its AXP340 mode-S transponder, which provides ADS-B OUT capability, with its 978 MHz MLB100 receiver, users can access traffic and flight information system-broadcast (FIS-B) services for display on numerous Avidyne displays. The receiver will be available in early 2015 and is listed at $2,495, including connector kit and mounting tray. Upgrading existing systems to work with the MLB100 is achieved by a field-loadable software update.

The MLB100 can receive information from a variety of sources. As well as full FIS-B information, the receiver can also get traffic information from nearby aircraft equipped with 978 MHz systems and from 1090 MHz-equipped aircraft via the 978 MHz ADS-R re-broadcast capability. Traffic data concerning other aircraft not equipped with ADS-B can be acquired from the traffic information service-broadcast (TIS-B) ground stations.