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Cobham Passes Satcom Sales Milestones

 - October 25, 2014, 2:15 PM

Two of Cobham Satcom’s most successful high-gain satcom antennas have racked up significant sales figures, with the business jet-optimized Aviator HGA-6000 passing the 1,000-unit milestone. Meanwhile, the Aviator HGA-7001 has surpassed 2,000 sales in the commercial airliner sector.

The HGA-6000 is the lightest high-gain antenna on the market, according to Cobham, and is sized for medium to large business jet applications. It is standard fit on the Gulfstream 350 through 650 and is an option for the Dassault Falcon family and Embraer Legacy 450/500. Housed in a slimline radome, the HGA-6000 has a mechanically steered antenna and offers the lowest swept volume in its class. It provides Inmarsat Classic Aero (H/H+), Swift64 and SwiftBroadband connectivity and incorporates an integral beam-steering unit that accepts steering commands automatically from Arinc 741-compatible satellite data units, negating the need for separate antenna control units.

Being produced at rate of 50 units per month, the HGA-7001, a top-mounted L-band phased-array antenna that provides a range of satcom functions, is specified on all Airbus A350/A380s and is on about 60 percent of the A330 fleet. It is specified for 90 percent of Boeing 777s and all 787s and 747-8s. Cobham Satcom is experiencing increased sales from Airbus A320 and Boeing 737 customers as demand grows for connectivity in the single-aisle airliner sector.