News about significant aircraft accidents and information from accident reports.

March 5, 2021, 10:14 AM

Dassault Falcon 6X On Track for First Flight This Month

First flight of the Falcon 6X is on track to take place by the end of this month, with service entry expected in late 2022.

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Feb 1, 2021 - 8:00 AM
Preliminary and final accident reports, February 2021
Jan 27, 2021 - 8:21 AM
Approval of the 737 Max by EASA follows clearance by U.S., Canadian, and Brazilian aviation authorities.
Jan 25, 2021 - 12:36 PM
Drone pierces windshield of Chilean Navy UH-57B, injuring front seat crewmember.
Jan 22, 2021 - 12:41 PM
A fatal crash of a USAF-operated Global Express was caused by the crew's error in identifying the failed powerplant and shutting down the operating engine.
Jan 19, 2021 - 10:52 AM
The NTSB has issued its final report on the 2018 Grand Canyon helitour crash.
Jan 19, 2021 - 9:44 AM
Andrew Rene Hernandez, 22, could receive up to one year in federal prison.
Jan 18, 2021 - 3:54 PM
MC-21-300 prototype 73051 ended a one-engine-out breaking test stuck in heavy snow.
Jan 12, 2021 - 12:28 PM
A broad set of recommendations were released January 12 to help preventing runway excursions, the top accident type for all aircraft.
Jan 11, 2021 - 4:48 PM
While authorities caution against speculation about the cause, the crash of Sriwijaya Flight 182 raises the specter of past accidents in Indonesia.
Jan 11, 2021 - 8:45 AM
Authorities expect to find no survivors from the Boeing 737-500 that crashed into the Java Sea Saturday.