Aerolaser Helipad System Addresses Bird Hazards

 - December 3, 2015, 10:50 AM

Guano be gone! Birds and their guano can make offshore energy platform helidecks dicey places to land and slippery places to walk, but maybe less so now, thanks to a new automated laser and sound system that scares them away developed by the Bird Control Group, CHC Helicopter and Total E&P.

The Aerolaser helipad system keeps birds at bay and a safe distance away. The new device does not harm the wildlife and can save up to €100,000 ($106,067) per year in cleaning fees.

“The UK CAP437 and ICAO regulations mandate clear visibility of navigation marks and lights. Guano can obscure these markings,” said Jack van Sligter, Helideck Inspector at CHC Helicopter. The groups cited a UK Civil Aviation Authority report finding that all UK operators have experienced problems with birds on offshore sites and pointing to some cases of as much as 90 percent coverage of an installation by guano.