FAA Establishes Two New Advisory Committees

 - May 31, 2018, 4:46 PM

The FAA has formed two new regulatory advisory committees: one covering the next-generation air traffic control system and the other on drones. Similar to the agency’s many other advisory committees, these new groups include industry and community representatives and will advise, comment, and make recommendations on proposed FAA regulations and policies as they pertain to the committees’ subjects. Both groups are established for a two-year period initially. 

The NextGen advisory committee will delve into issues and challenges involving concepts, requirements, operational capabilities, the use of technology, and considerations to aeronautical operations that affect the future of the air traffic management systems and the integration of new technologies. For more information on this committee, contact Pamela Gomez at pamela.gomez@faa.gov or (202) 251–6048.

“An open venue for FAA and unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) stakeholders,” is the nature of the drone advisory committee, the agency said. Its purpose is to work in partnership to develop a consensus-based set of resolutions for issues and challenges regarding the efficiency and safety of integrating UAS into the national airspace system, and to develop recommendations to address these issues and challenges. For more information, contact Chris Harm at chris.harm@faa.gov or (202) 267–5401.