Farnborough Air Show

Liebherr-Aerospace Helps Lift Boeing 777X

 - July 16, 2018, 3:29 AM

Liebherr-Aerospace (Hall 4, Stand 41330) is showing off its innovative work on industry-leading aircraft this week at the Farnborough Airshow. The company’s display is showcasing components it designed as part of its work on the Boeing 777X's folding wingtip system, as well as a nose landing gear for the Augusta Westland AW189 helicopter that can be extended and retracted.

The Toulouse-based company is also showing off some of its research and development work, including a skin heat exchanger—a heat exchanger that is an integral part of an aircraft structure.

Boeing is counting on Liebherr-Aerospace’s folding wingtip system to help lift the 777X above any potential competition. The long-haul jetliner's wing design promises to deliver big fuel savings. However, at 236 feet (72 meters), the 777X’s wings are too wide for many airports. Liebherr-Aerospace used its experience in high-lift systems, gears, torque tubes and hydraulic power drive units to win the contract for the folding system, which will cut the 777X’s wingspan to 213 feet (65 meters) on the ground.

Liebherr-Aerospace’s Materials Testing Laboratory was accredited in June by the National Aerospace and Defense Contractors Accreditation Program. The certification followed an audit by the Performance Review Institute, which looked at the lab’s overall quality system, and the practice of static and dynamic mechanical tests, according to a news release from Liebherr-Aerospace. The accreditation program is meant to improve the quality of products and processes, as well as cut costs.

Liebherr-Aerospace’s investment in its materials testing laboratory shows that the company is focused on aircraft manufacturers’ needs, Liebherr said.