EBACE Convention News

Ingenio “Smart Solutions” Products Satisfy Form and Function

 - May 22, 2014, 7:20 AM

Ingenio Aerospace of Montreal and Texas-based DAC International are introducing at EBACE 2014 a number of Ingenio’s “Smart Solutions” products. The Ingenio devices are designed to help aircraft manufacturers and interior refurbishment and completion centers deal with the rapid pace of smart-device technological change.

The suite of products–Smart Cabin Arm, Smart Cockpit Arm and Smartphone Holder–accommodates different formats and supports tablets, electronic flight bags, smartphones and MP3 players.

“All of our products are developed to be visually appealing, as well as highly functional and robust,” said James Bell, president of Ingenio Aerospace.

DAC International provides sales, customer support and distribution of Ingenio’s Smart Solutions products.

Ingenio’s solution replaces in-cabin connectors with a USB-based receptacle into which various smartphone or tablet arms can be attached. The arms, which can handle weights as high as 250 pounds, include internal wiring for device charging. Devices fit into an Ingenio SmartPlate, which holds the smartphone or tablet securely and also contains the connector that fits thedevice. If the design of the device changes due to new technology, Ingenio simply redesigns the SmartPlate, which fits into the existing Ingenio receptacle.

Ingenio’s Smart Solutions products are on display here at EBACE with Greenwich AeroGroup (Booth 5639), parent company of DAC International.